GoodChips® is the first international certification program for wood chips and hog fuel.

It aims to increase the transparency of this growing but chaotic market and to facilitate international trade by providing a set of international accepted quality criteria.

The GoodChips® scheme features 12 quality classes, 8 for wood chips and 4 for hog fuel. This allows for a precise definition of the requirements, which in turn ensures that every type of profile on the market is met.

Control Union is the first CB recognised for GoodChips® certification and is able to conduct certification audits inside and outside of Europe, for producers and traders of wood chips and hog fuel.

Requirements of the standard

  • Technical requirements (origin and source, moisture content, particle size distribution, ash content, net calorific value)
  • Process requirements (aimed at ensuring that the production/processing/handling practices are performed to satisfactory support the product requirements)
  • Requirements for labelling, logistics and storage
  • Management-System requirements

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