Plastic Free Certification Mark

The Plastic Free Certification from A Plastic Planet is the world’s first plastic standard to accredit three types of product: Retail Ready Products, Packaging Products and Materials as Plastic Free. Control Union is the exclusive certification body for the Plastic Free Mark.

Shoppers are actively looking to buy products and packaging that do not contain indestructible plastic. This Plastic Mark is deliberately designed to be clear, iconic and unambiguous. For products carrying the Plastic Free Certification Mark, it is an aspirational mark of excellence and a demonstration of commitment to a future of products and packaging without plastic.


A Plastic Planet is a global solutions organisation with a single goal - to ignite and inspire the world to fight against plastic pollution. They bring a fresh pro-business solutions-focused approach to environmental issues and own the Plastic Free Certification, which is a product specific certification.

Brands already carrying the Standard

Hundreds of brands are proudly carrying the Plastic Free Label in countries across the world with a concentration in the EU market. This includes Teapigs, Percol Coffee, PLAYinChoc, Jellyfish Livewire, The Isle of Wight Distillery and Iceland.

Target Sectors

Food and drink, beauty, fashion, packaging, household, and gift cards to name a few

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