What is the "Regionalfenster" certification?

With a Regionalfenster certification and its labelling on your product, you assure your customer that the product was made in the region indicated.

What are the Regionalfenster certification criteria?

The "Regionalfenster"(regional window) for food, flowers and ornamental plants ensures more transparency nationwide: the declaration field, which is part of the packaging, indicates the origin of the main ingredient of a product and its place of processing. The region must be unambiguous and verifiable. Regions can be e.g. counties or federal states or geographically defined regions such as Spreewald or Altes Land.

What is Regionalfenster about?

  • Where did it come from?
  • Where was it processed?
  • How high is the regional share?

Statements on the type of production (e.g. organic, conventional) are not made. This information field solely focuses on the origin of the products and therefore the regional window does not compete with other quality labels but can be combined with them.

More detailed information about Regionalfenster can be found on the food labelling homepage

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