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Why is it important to collect Ocean before it reaches the ocean?

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is plastic waste that is abandoned in the environment and will most likely end up in the ocean due to rain, tides, and rivers to the ocean. If the plastic finds its way to the ocean, this could be harmful to the animals and damages the sea environment.

With the Ocean Bound Plastic Program or in short the OBP Program, the plastic waste is recovered from the environment before it reaches the ocean. The collecting of commercially recyclable and non-commercially recyclable plastic is important to stop the plastic influx to the ocean. If we stop the plastic influx, it will also have positive effects on the animal kingdom which has also been affected by plastic waste. With the certification program, we are trying to lay a fundamental part in the recovery of the ocean but collecting recyclable only, isn’t enough.

It has been established that 80% of the current plastic mountains that are in the ocean, have originated from land and therefore were Ocean Bound Plastics. If this flow stops it would decrease the amount of plastic that enters the ocean. Additionally, it is also cheaper to collect plastic before it has reached the ocean compared to when the plastic already lies in the rivers or at the bottom of the ocean.

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