Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH is founded as Peterson CU Deutschland GmbH in 2008, coming from a merger between the Berlin based company Agro Öko Consult GmbH, which has its roots in the certification of organic companies, and the Dutch Control Union network, which originated from risk management and inspections of bulk commodities, e.g. coal, grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, sugar etc. going back to the early 1920's. Expertise and knowledge from 20 years of auditing and certification is combined with this cooperation and brought into several big markets, such as organic and biomass certification.


1990 - Agro Öko Consult GmbH (AÖC) is founded by Dr. Rainer Friedel, who became managing director and shareholder. The focus lays on the development of German rural areas. "Spatial development concepts" for more than 60 regions in Germany are created, resulting often in site specific innovations applicable for 1-6 years. The entire profile of AÖC´s achievements was discussed comprehensively during the international conference "Sustainable Development of Rural Areas: Improving possibilities through innovation and tradition". These achievements are also published in the same titled book (505 pages, also e-book available).

1992 - Approval of the BIO-control body as a separate department within AÖC

1990ies: Market leader in the certification of large-scale kitchens in Berlin, with many clients for organic products in the whole of Germany.

2002 - AÖC´s organic department promotes awareness during the nitrofen scandal. For the first time a private organic control body notifies the authorities about a suspected case, after which this procedure is turned into a law.

2002 - Dipl. Ing agr. Markus Fertig joins the company. He handles many different projects and works in close cooperation the managing director.

2005 -AÖC utilizes its expertise in the EU-project Bio@gro, a multilingual portal for organic producers and stakeholders within the EU. This project is coordinated by Athens University for Agriculture.

2008 - The organic department of AÖC becomes one of the cornerstones of the newly founded PCU Deutschland GmbH and joins the Dutch network Control Union. This enables the company to significantly enlarge the scope of certification services in the fields of sustainability, organic production and processing, environment, food safety and social standards. Dr. Rainer Friedel becomes managing director.

2008/13 - The client base broadens continuously. Next to local clients in Berlin and Brandenburg, organizations all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and increasingly also globally operating companies decide to do business with PCU Deutschland GmbH.

2011 - PCU becomes the second biggest certification body internationally in terms of ISCC certification.

2013 - Dr. Friedel retires as managing director of PCU Deutschland GmbH on 31.12.2013 and sells his remaining shares to Control Union. He launches the Control Union Academy, offering a wide scope of training in the fields of sustainability, environment and certification.

2014 -  Dipl. Ing agr. Markus Fertig becomes managing director of PCU, which is now entirely owned by Control Union.

2018 - 10 year anniversary of the company

2019 - Peterson CU Deutschland GmbH becomes Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH.

2021 - Ms Britta Breman becomes managing director of Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH.

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