Our approach

Our approach has always been to design services that meet our client's ever-growing needs. By understanding the challenges of our clients and their supply chains, as well as the need for increasing transparency and stakeholder involvement, Control Union Certifications has developed services that can be bundled together to best meet the particular needs of our clients.

Through an understanding of your needs and the challenges you face, Control Union Certifications Germany has developed an approach to assist you meet your ever-growing sourcing requirements. Whether related to sustainable materials or social compliance concerns, a tailor-made service is developed that best suits what you need. 

The development of a one-stop-shop approach has enabled Control Union to link services together, allowing you to leverage your investments in sustainability programs through a bundling system.

This reduces costs, while offering the greatest added value to your stakeholders' sustainable initiatives. 

By using multi-trained auditors, Control Union can reduce the audit fatigue faced by companies seeking to maintain multiple programs.



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