GreenSign – Sustainability certificate for the hotel industry

What is the GreenSign certification?

Tourism and thus also the hotel industry is an economic sector with rapid growth. GreenSign certification is a recognised certificate for determining the level of sustainability of a hotel. The certificate is divided into five different levels. These indicate how many of the requirements of the certification programme a hotel fulfils.

What does the GreenSign certificate include?

For both private and, increasingly, business trips, more and more overnight guests are choosing an environmentally friendly accommodation.

Sustainable hotel management plays a central role in this and is an expression of a value system that stands for innovation, stability, forward-looking planning with regard to ecological and social aspects, as well as a trusting cooperation with employees and partners

For hoteliers who feel committed to these values and would like to communicate this to the outside world as well as have it confirmed by an independent body, the GreenSign sustainability seal is an option that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in Germany.

GreenSign stands for the combination of ecology, economy and social responsibility as an expression of sustainable hotel management.

"Green" is understood by GreenSign as a philosophy from an interplay of innovation, responsibility and quality to minimise entrepreneurial risks without sacrificing comfort for the guest.

GreenSign focuses on eight core areas of the sustainable hotel industry

  • Management and communication
  • Environmental responsibility (energy, water and waste)
  • Social responsibility
  • Economic responsibility
  • Purchasing
  • Regional Engagement
  • Quality management and sustainable development
  • Biodiversity and cultural heritage

The certification is based on a five-step system, which allows for integration into each hotel operation and continuous improvement.

Help conscious consumers choose the right hotels, let Control Union Certifications Germany audit and certify against the Greensign Standard.

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