ISCC Plus is a thorough basis for the voluntary implementation of sustainability criteria in supply chains which are similar to the EU RED. Companies with an existing ISCC-EU certificate are able to extend to ISCC PLUS during the certificate validity period and benefit this way from the additional possibilities an ISCC PLUS certification offers in market applications outside the EU fuel market.

After launching the ISCC standard for the European Renewable Energy Directive, ISCC soon was successfully applied in the supply chains. Feedback from certified companies and their affiliated industries showed interest to apply ISCC beyond the scope of biofuels under the EU RED. ISCC PLUS is therefore a good basis for sustainability in other industries. ISCC PLUS also applies for raw materials that do not qualify under the EU RED, but are relevant for other market applications. Examples of such applications are:

  • Bioplastics
  • Mixed plastic wastes
  • Chemicals and technical applications
  • Agricultural raw materials used in food and feed
  • Biofuel markets outside the EU (examples: Japan and California)

For the products various claims can be asserted entirely according to the needs of the supply chain. There are voluntary add-ons available for those who require this, examples are classified chemicals, biological management, greenhouse gas emissions, consumer products, and non-GMO. ISCC Plus certification can be applied for example in feed, food, chemical / technical applications, and other bio-energetic purposes.

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