ISO 50001 - Energy management

ISO 50001 is an international standard supporting organisations to improve the efficiency of their energy management while optimising energy performance in all processes. The framework of the ISO 50001 standard is compatible with other ISO programs, which means that organisations certified to ISO will find it easy to meet the requirements of ISO 50001.

Reducing energy consumption can cut costs and helps to protect the natural environment. Energy management is becoming one of the most fundamental areas of focus across all business sectors.

The ISO 50001 standard provides measurable economic benefits to businesses and encourages best practices in energy management by demonstrating how energy is consumed throughout an organisation’s value chain.

Control Union Certifications is accredited for ISO 50001:2011 and is able to undertake certification audits on a global scale. This is especially useful for multi-site companies situated in different countries. Our global network enables multiple audits to be performed at different locations at the same time intervals, making the certification process transparent and efficient.

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