Naturland - German Association for Organic Agriculture

More and more consumers are demanding organic goods, produced under the rules of private organisations like the German Association Naturland. One aspect of this trend is that consumers, especially in Germany, consider social aspects important when buying organic food.

In 2016, more than 43,000 farmers in 46 countries produced food in line with Naturland criteria. Naturland requirements have to be followed in addition to those requested by EU-Organic. The Naturland logo is well known in the European (especially German) market and in many cases product prices, which can be achieved along the whole supply chain, are higher than for EU-Organic products. Only items that are produced against Naturland criteria are allowed to be labelled with the Naturland logo. Control Union Certifications is allowed to audit companies against Naturland standards and in most cases the annual EU-Organic audit can be combined with the Naturland audit, saving costs and time. Customers requiring our support in this area must first sign an agreement with the Naturland Association. Naturland will then mandate us to audit your company.

You can find more general information here.


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