RecyClass - Certification of Recycled Plastics

More than a third of all plastics produced are used for packaging, of which 85 % end up in landfills. In order to reduce environmental pollution and resource consumption, it is important to establish a circular economy for plastics. 
RecyClass aims to improve plastics recycling by developing a reliable method for calculating and verifying the recycled content in plastic products.

RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability

The RecyClass Recycled Plastics certification standard was developed for enterprises that use recyclates in their products or packaging. All parties in the plastics value chain that use recycled plastics can be certified.

In order to obtain the RecyClass Recycled Plastic certificate, 2/3 of the raw materials used must be sourced from recyclers holding EUCertPlast certification, RecyClass Recycling Process certification or equivalent certification according to EN 15343 at the time of initial certification, while the products themselves should also be made of plastic.

RecyClass Recycling Process

RecyClass Recycling Process Certification attests the capability of your plastics recycling facility to ensure the physical traceability of pre- and post-consumer recyclates in your recycling process. If you are a plastics recycler or recycle your own manufacturing waste, you can be certified to the RecyClass Recycling Process Standard. Similar to the Recycled Plastics Traceability certification, the Recycling Process certification has been developed on the basis of the European standard EN15343.

Differences and Smiliarities

Both standards focus on ensuring the physical traceability of pre- and post-consumer recyclates along the recycled plastics value chain. While Recycled Plastics Traceability is ensuring the proportion of the recycled plastic material, Recycling Process applies to the beginning of the product chain.
A RecyClass certification is also aligned with the requirements to claim an exemption from the 2023 Spanish plastics tax. It can also help with UK plastic tax exemption and is expected to be in compliance with other European plastic tax initiatives.

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