Regenagri® - Initiative for Regenerative Agriculture

regenagri® is a regenerative agriculture programme that aims to ensure the health of the soil and the prosperity of the people who live on it. regenagri is relevant to the entire spectrum of agriculture and is available to farms and agribusinesses worldwide.

What does the regenagri certification cover?

The regenagri initiative was developed together with experts in soil, sustainability and agronomy. The focus of the standard is on soil health and evidence-based adaptation of agricultural practices amid the climate crisis. regenagri supports farms and organisations in transitioning to regenerative farming practices that increase soil organic matter, enhance biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester CO2.

regenagri is designed for continuous improvement so that the transition from conventional to regenerative techniques can be tracked and adjusted over time. regenagri's carbon programme can also provide pathways to additional funding for farms through, for example, carbon credit markets, scope 3 emissions reductions and environmental subsidies.

What are the certification modalities of regenagri?

A key element of the initiative is certification according to regenagri's criteria, which cover all aspects of regenerative agriculture, from soil health to biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions. Certification gives you recognition and proof of your efforts to regenerate the soil.

When an organisation becomes a regenagri member, the organisation, along with associated farmers, has access to the Digital Hub. An assessment is then carried out on their farm or farms against the regenagri criteria. Afterwards, a report is created containing the overall results as well as the results for each individual practice. If the results meet the minimum requirements, regenagri certification can be granted.
infographic explaining the underlying concept of the regenagri certification standard
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