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Case Study: Trevira

Our client Trevira GmbH is an innovative European manufacturer of international renown. They produce high-value branded fibres and filament yarns for technical applications and hygiene products as well as for home textiles, automotive interiors, and functional apparel. Their commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious manner has led them to create a wide range of sustainable versions of their products, with a focus on using recycled materials.
Trevira was looking for a uniform standard for its sustainable products, to provide their customer base with consistent and clear assurance of their composition. The Global Recycled Standard offered them just this. Since 2019 all recycled Trevira products have been certified by Control Union in accordance with the GRS standard. Their product range made from recycled raw materials is continually being expanded, and quality standards are being improved. Every year, Trevira strives to meet the requirements of GRS and is rewarded with certification of their products.

TreviraTrevira Spundyed Recycled samples.

Trevira incorporate both pre- and post-consumer recycled materials into their products. Examples include by-products of the manufacturing process such as residual polyester fibres (pre-consumer) as well as recycled PET bottles (post-consumer). They are also innovating with the development of products from biopolymers, a renewable raw material manufactured entirely from plant sugars.

Trevira GRSTrevira recycled materials.

As the GRS is designed to cover a chain of custody end-to-end, Trevira’s client base also benefits from the scheme, as it allows traceability of the recycled Trevira products throughout the entire supply chain. Vitally, this gives the end consumer the reassurance that the product they purchase is comprised of a guaranteed minimum level of recycled material.

Volker Wellhäußer, Head of Marketing & Sales at Trevira says:

With the GRS certification system, Control Union supports our company in its endeavors to manufacture better, more resource-efficient products and to achieve our demanding sustainability goals.”

Control Union originally developed the Global Recycled Standard Certification in 2008 before passing it over to the Textile exchange for ongoing management. We remain the leading Certification Body against the GRS standard. If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from the GRS Certification, please contact us.

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