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The FSC on the suspension of Ukrainian certificates

Dear Certificate Holders,

we would like to inform you, that FSC has published a set of documents giving guidelines how to deal with FSC certificates issued in Ukraine, which you will find below.

Based on the ADVICE-20-001-12 V2-0, Control Union is required to suspend FSC certificates  from areas of armed conflict zones in Ukraine. These FSC certificates will be suspended on 04 May 2022.

For FSC certificate holders that are outside conflict zones it will be possible either to postpone audits or allow remote/hybrid audits based on the risk assessment conducted by our certification body.

Moreover, FSC has revised  Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment for Ukraine which became effective on 04.04.22.

Certificate holders sourcing controlled material from Ukraine based on FSC-STD-40-005 v3-1 are obliged to adapt their Due Dilligence Systems for sourcing FSC Controlled Wood by 05.05.22.

For future refernce, please find the documents below:

  1. Collection of Policy Responses to Situation in Ukraine: a set of derogations and interpretations providing options to postpone audits and allowing remote audits or hybrid audits depending on the risk assessment conducted by certification bodies.
  2. Controlled wood national risk assessment for Ukraine: FSC has revised the controlled wood national risk assessment for Ukraine and will require the suspension of certificates in armed conflict areas. Further explanations are provided in the  technical news article.  
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