AOECS - Gluten-free Certification Standard

AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies)
For people suffering from celiac disease, all foods containing the gluten protein, which is found for example in wheat, rye, spelt and barley, are prohibited. Those with the condition often suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, but may also have deficiency symptoms that lead to long-term consequences such as weight loss.

The only treatment for this chronic condition is a strict gluten-free diet. For this reason, labeled products are very important for those affected. 

The AOECS standard provides a worldwide standardized labeling with the crossed-out ear of corn to facilitate selection and thus ensure a safe gluten-free diet (<20mg/kg gluten).

The DZG (German Coeliac Society) has been a member of the AOECS since 1989 and thus represents the interests of coeliacs internationally. Control Union Certifcations Germany works closely with the DZG and can accompany and support you in the certification process.

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