European Regulation 2015/757 requires reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions caused by international shipping. With this Regulation, the European Union (EU) requires owners of vessels more than 5000GT, regardless of flag, to Monitor, Report and Verify (EU-MRV) their carbon emissions on all transport work. This applies to voyages carried out after 01.01.2018 and calling at least once in an EU territory port.

To verify compliance, Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH is ISO 14065 accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS. Our qualified staff is based at all relevant shipping hubs around the world and therefore able to provide fast service. Our MRV experts will review monitoring plans and verify emission reports. Based on a positive result, we will issue the document of compliance.


Monitoring Plan

The content of the Monitoring Plan is pre-defined by the EU-MRV and shall at least provide the following information:

  • Basic data such as the identification of the ship and company information
  • A description of emission sources on board of the ship and procedures, systems and responsibilities used to update the list of emission sources
  • Fuel types used and emission factors for each fuel type
  • A description of the procedures used to monitor the completeness of the list of voyages
  • A description of the procedures for monitoring fuel consumption of the ship, including the method chosen
  • Activity data per voyage including procedures responsibilities, formulae and data sources for distance travelled, time spent at sea and cargo carried
  • A revision sheet to record all the details of revision history.

Getting your vessel EU-MRV approved

Accredited independent third party verifiers, such as Control Union, are responsible for the approval of the monitoring plan, verification of the emission report and the issuance of a document of compliance. Shipping companies must submit the monitoring plan to the corresponding verifier for each of their ships. The verifier shall assess the conformity of the Monitoring Plan with the requirements laid down in the EU-MRV regulation. Furthermore, the independent verifier shall assess the emission report and, if the report is free of material misstatements, issue a document of compliance stating that the emission report has been verified as satisfactory. The verifier will inform the EC of the issuance of this document.

More information is here available.

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