OBP - Ocean Bound Plastic

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is plastic that is recovered from waterways, coastlines or even collected from beaches. The plastic is abandoned in the environment and will most likely end up in the ocean. The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification is designed to remove plastic waste and which will be recycled or re-used, so new plastic will not have to be made. Plastic are made of planet-warming fuels (gas, oil and coal), which means it contributes to global warming.

Ocean Bound Plastic is a critical element in the fight against oceanic plastic pollution. It is estimated that 80% of the ocean’s plastic contamination originated from land. Focusing on capturing Ocean Bound Plastic before it becomes ocean plastic is therefore a direct and very effective way to limit the damage our oceans are suffering.

Control Union offers OBP certifications for:
  1. Collectors (organizations collecting Ocean Bound Plastic in the environment)
  2. Recyclers (organizations in the plastic recycling value chain up to the fabrication of plastic packaging and consumer products)
  3. Neutralization Services (organizations collecting non-commercially recyclable OBP in the environment and proving services to offset plastic footprint)
  4. Plastic Producers & Users (organizations willing to offset their plastic footprint)
Ocean Bound Plastic Certification

As an organization (collectors, financiers and plastic industrials) working with Ocean Bound Plastic, you need to guarantee that your products truly are, or originate from OBP. You also require to pass this guarantee onto the end user by providing proof of origin. This is all accomplished via the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification.

Ocean Bound Plastic
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