ZNU Standard - Driving Sustainable Change

A more sustainable management - a promise for the future! Many are already practicing it and are unaware that they do. Others are living sustainable management and are proud of their achievement. The only question is how?

Bring together ideas and thoughts. Discover potentials, develop new structures. Live it and show it! The journey is the reward for your company.

A basic prerequisite for meeting this challenge head-on is a company-specific, long-term and at the same time holistic sustainability strategy. In the implementation and realisation of a sustainability strategy, the following steps are essential:
  • structured analysis of the current situation
  • identification of weaknesses and potentials as well as the development of sustainability activities (concept development)
  • involvement of stakeholders
  • the implementation and documentation (procedural instructions) of these concepts
Ideally, these will result in a sustainability report and an independent, external confirmation (certification).

The ZNU Standard - driving sustainable change was developed together with business and research stakeholders and fills the gap between future-oriented sustainability requirements and trusted standards, as it combines the requirements on a site-specific basis at the company and product level.

What is the aim of the ZNU Standard?

One of the goals of the ZNU Standard is to initiate and dynamise learning processes towards greater sustainability within your company and thus promote the development of more sustainable processes and products. The requirements of the ZNU Standard can be integrated into existing management systems or be implemented with the help of a separate "sustainability system".

What are the ZNU Standard requirements for your company?

Sustainability requirements of various initiatives (e.g. German Sustainability Code, ISO 26000, ISO 50001, ISO 14001/EMAS, BSCI, GRI, UN Global Compact, FAO/SAFA, GSCP, ISEAL) are incorporated and fields of activity on central sustainability issues for the areas of economy, environment and social affairs as well as sustainable corporate governance are extracted. For each of these fields of activity, your company's planned development opportunities are assessed.

How you Benefit

As a ZNU Standard certified company you will be able to:
  • discover previously hidden "sustainability potentials" in your company
  • show your customers, suppliers, employees, as well as authorities, NGOs and other critical stakeholders that you take the issue of sustainability seriously and that it plays an important role in your company's policy
  • promote more sustainable product portfolio development
  • identify and bundle the sustainability requirements of claimants
  • increase your reputation and consequently your market opportunities in the long run
  • identify and minimise current and future risks
  • measure and review your sustainability activities
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