Ready for the Supply Chain Act

The German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) will come into effect on January 1, 2023, with the aim of improving the protection of human rights in global supply chains. As a result, pressure is growing on German companies to make their supply chains more transparent and sustainable. They are responsible for fundamental compliance with human rights standards such as the prohibition of child labour and forced labour. In order to create legal certainty for companies and those affected, uniform due diligence requirements for companies have been established.
From 2023, the Act will initially apply to enterprises with at least 3,000 employees, and from 2024 it will also extend to companies with at least 1,000 employees in Germany.

By transferring the requirements from large companies to their suppliers, it will also affect many small and medium-sized enterprises, which are now confronted with the major challenge of implementing and verifying the requirements in their supply chain.

Whether you are directly or indirectly affected, we can assist you in the implementation and support you in the following aspects:

Development and implementation of:

  • Gap analysis - Review of current implementation status and identification of gaps and opportunities for improvement in business processes and documents.  
  • Policy statement - Definition of strategic and operational goals and development of a roadmap to establish Human Rights Due Diligence.
  • Risk analysis - Identification of issues and risk factors as a core element of human rights due diligence.
  • Action plan - Assistance in developing preventive and remedial measures.
  • Risk management concepts - Assistance for the development of policy statements and further steps to establish a risk management system.
  • Workshops and training - We help to build awareness and know-how among staff and partners so that Human Rights Due Diligence can be implemented effectively.
  • Supplier audits and standard development

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